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Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

 February 19, 2010

Photos of my recent trip to Bukit Tinggi Resort, Pahang.. enjoy!!

upon arrival.. welcome to the frenchtown! (made in Malaysia!) hehehe

At the entrance. the ambiance is nice.. except the weather. the sun was scorching hot (unlike few years back)

view from parking lot. few trial done to get this shot

side view. this is one of my favorite. (except there were few girls there.. spoil sket :p)

from viewing tower (i'm afraid of heights.. but the view was breath taking)

aerial view (nice!! never had this shot before)

The Convention Center. recently open i guess (just like a castle rite?)

beautiful swans. there were 2 white swans and 2 black swans on the pond.. didn't managed to snap on the black ones since they were not so friendly. huhuhu :p

working on the details -- signage :)


The entrance. you should decide to cover the left side first as there were nothing much on the right side

Operating hour.. please take note okay

Calla Lily... nice ;)

Surrounding... very cooling & soothing. But still, don't wear thick clothes there :p

May require you to walk a little bit. Better bring some plain water as they didn't sell it there (even if it's available.. it might be costly)

last but not least, wear comfy shoes.. and bring extra money ya ;)

Admission fees - MYR10 (Colmar Tropicale + Japanese Village), MYR3 (Rabbit Park)

For more info,click HERE

6 love notes:

redshoes,  19/2/10 2:31 PM  

nxt time kite g lg eh dik .. dis time bwk bateri 1 lori .. hahahahaha .. br puas camwhore ;p

Pansy Princess 19/2/10 2:36 PM  

hahaha... giler aar bateri satu lorry... last2 kite plak kena pki battery kang sbb flat berposing. huhuhu

atreyu strange 21/2/10 11:31 PM  

Hey there. Just wanna ask leh. Did you stay there? Coz am planning to go there and probably spend a night there.

Pansy Princess 22/2/10 11:47 AM  

i'm sorry, didn't stay there. just went for a day trip

Candy and Cake 3/3/10 3:16 AM  

Wow, that is breathtaking! Beautiful!

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