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Nicole Richie's Grace Kelly Inspired Wedding Gown

 December 18, 2010

Hi lovelies,

Have you ever wish to wear Grace Kelly's gown on your big day? Well, it seems like most of the brides out there shared the same dream including Nicole Richie! Definitely she can't get enough of the beautiful gown as she wore 3 Grace Kelly inspired Marchesa Gowns on her wedding. The photos of the first gown have been circulated around the net (whilst most of us waiting eagerly to have a look on the other 2 gowns - nie sure kes jual exclusive rights to magazines.. tue yang lambat release gambar). 

Okay, at least we have a sneak peek on the second gown. I like the second one better.. sexy back gituh! :p Can't wait for the full story of  her wedding. Bleh cuci mate lagi.. hihi :D

Anyway, when i looked at Nicole's dress suddenly it reminds me of this dress.....


Yes, it's Rizman Ruzaini's wedding dress wore by Fazura (back on 2008). This dress is simply beautiful and stunning! No doubt that she looked like a princess!

And of course... while looking at the pictures above, i can't hold myself from looking at the original piece of this popular gown. So here's the wedding gown of Princess Grace Kelly. Definitely like a fairytale.. isn't it? :)

I've been "oohh---ahhh" over these beautiful gowns. *drooling tahap dewa okeh* :p 

Oh my, i have 48 days more? (and it's exactly 3 months after our E-day) nie yang start nak ketaq cam org parkinson nih... less than 50 days olredi? alamak aihhhh... byk lg lom settle.. grrr.... :-S

Back to work!

p/s: anyway, big thanks to Jaja from Si Gaun Putih sebab bagi Anugerah Blogger Harapan. Since dh penah buat entry on the same award.. so rasenye x buat dh second one sbb jawapannye same je. huhuhu

Have a great weekend ahead ye uols!


8 love notes:

LittleSunshine 20/12/10 11:25 AM  


nice read ur blog...b2b..

jom exchange link =)

Aya 20/12/10 2:10 PM  


thanks dear :)

Aya 20/12/10 2:33 PM  

hehe.. sape2 yg minat Grace Kelly's gown blehlaa cari idea :)

~ mizzAmy ~ 20/12/10 4:39 PM  

i love grace kelly dress too. moga2 impian nak buat dress tuh tercapai. amin....... *kalau budget cukup*. LOL...

Aya 20/12/10 4:59 PM  

amy, yang x cukup tue boleh dicukupkan.. when there's a will, there's a way! hehe :)

Aya 21/12/10 4:48 PM  

yeah.. nice indeed :D

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