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When I See Bling... Bling

 June 29, 2010

I am in the state of disbelief! Shock? A little bit! Feeling butterflies in the stomach? It's been few days! Having trouble to sleep? Yes, prolonged for few days too! Why??? Kenapa ohh mengapa?? Biarlah Rahsia.. huhuhu =}

Anyway, last weekend sempat tengok KNIGHT & DAY (despite of few canceled movies booking since past months). Superb!!!! Two thumbs up! Fun, witty, hilarious, romantic and action packed! I just loved the combination and how the producer blends the elements together. Memang x bosan although some part tue you can predict how the story will goes. But still.. very...very entertaining! Really loves the part when Cruise and Diaz said "With me... without me.. with me.. without me" with some cute and seducing gestures (ohh.. u should watch the movie then you'll understand what i mean.. hehehe)

Tom Cruise as HOT as ever.. and Cameron Diaz... so funny and cute :)

So, my verdict? 4.5/5 Stars!! Go and watch it!!

I have another movie that i loved to watch.. but due to time constraint.. i never made it to the cinema (even though dh booking tickets.. haihhh)

KILLERS! I just can't wait to watch this movie! Dunno why... maybe because i like Katherine Heigl ever since the Grey's Anatomy.. huhu. (please... jgnlaa kempunan sampai DVD release... kesian makkk... huhu)

ohh.. and of course.. i have finally watched the most anticipated movie of the year ------> LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN! Been looking for the novel since ade seseorang tue minat giler novel nie sejak primary school lagi tapi novelnye dah hilang. So ingatkan naklaa bagi hadiah before gi tengok movie nie. Tup2 sold out pulak. X tahulaa mane nak cari.. any ideas?

Anyway, even though ade loops here and here (maybe sbb jalan citer dier a little bit loose) but still, i gave it 4 out of 5! The performance of the casts is definitely mesmerizing especially from Que Haidar and Lisa Surihani (byk sgt improvement dari segi facial expression). Cerite nie berjaye jugaklaa membuat air mata nie menitis. huhuhu.. bukannye ape, maybe sebab ade history disebalik LBS dan nama AYU nie in my life (not gonna spill it all out here... nntilaa... bile2... ade mase leh cerite lagi :p). Definitely can't wait for the second part --- KATERINA (hope diaorg buatlaa second part + Farid Kamil and Fazura will remain as the lead casts)

Novel OMBAK RINDU pun skrg dh dibuat movie. Sangat x sbr nk tggu filem nie since i heard by buah hati terchenta Aaron Aziz (ok,  i noe it's perasan mode! :p)  is in the production. I'm sure he'll be Hariz! OMG! OMG!... and Maya Karin as Izzah... Lisa Surihani as Mila. Ohh dear.... sumpah i'll be among the first who watch this movie! Dulu memang giler sgt ngn novel nie. Bayangkan all out berusaha seharian habiskan satu novel (well, dulu memang giler layan novel. buleh habiskan setiap satu novel tue dalam mase sehari je. memang bace bersungguh2 -- errr, kalaulaa ngadap buku akademik mcm tue kan bagus? sure tiap2 Sem dapat Dean List. hahahaha :p)

So.. back to the story.... where's the bling bling? opsss.... not yet... next post okay :)

Till then. Take care




 June 25, 2010

Alkisahnye... semalam pi teman my abah to terminate his Streamyx... ingat nk gi kat Muzium TM tapi konfem jalan jammed giler.. lagipun dgr2 ade 30 jalan tutup sebab nk bagi laluan kat pertandingan berbasikal. So, pegilaa kat Menara Maxisegar. Parking dier challenging giler! Macam naik roller coaster.. berpusing2 sampai level 7 okeh! Dahlaa sempit.. memang kena drive extra careful lah.. sayang kete oii.. huhuhu. Dah slamat parking, pegilaa turun ke TM Point. Skali CLOSED daa.... gangguan bekalan elektrik laa pulak. Haihhh.. fenat jer i pusing2 masuk parking. 

Then pegilaa cari outlet yang lain. So, we headed to Ampang Point. Lawak sungguh... punyelaa bleh lupe mane TM Point kat situ.. berpusing2 mencari. HABIB ngan DeGem kat situ berkali2 dah saye tenung. Kalau xde abah konfem dah masuk situ dulu.. hehehe.. Selamat jumpe gak. Tapi as usual laa... parking kat Ampang Point mmg menguji kesabaran. FULL! 3-4 kali tawaf.. dengan jammed nyer. last2 park kat Hospital Ampang Puteri. hahahaha.. lagi senang. just cross the road to reach TM Point.

Sesampainye di sane..... haaa.. nie baru masuk citer sebenar. Org TM tue tnyelaa apesal nk terminate account.. saye pon bagi jawapan standard (dh penah kasi excuse nie mase terminate my Streamyx few months ago) -- "Kat rumah dh ade acct lain" (lagipun mmg acct abah nie gune no.fon lain) sekali dier tanye plak no.telefon rumah.. siap check kat database dier lak tuh! aikkk, byk songeh lak org nie. saye dh sengih2, mls nk menjawab... tibe2 ade phone call plak (memang menyelamatkan keadaan laa.. thanks Alang! hahaha). then abah laa yg kena menjawab.. hik.. hik (^_~)

Abah kate mcm2 org tue soal.. i pun jawablaa blk. Account Streamyx i separate bill ngan phone bill.. Sebab tue bukan under my mum, hence dier x jumpe acct Streamyx under my mum's name (tapi account tue memang dah potong pun :p). Disebabkan org TM tue meneruskan muke tak puas hatinye.. Abah i pun katelaa "Saya memang tak nak guna dah acct nie". So org tue pun proceed laa kerja2 termination. 

Then depan2 staffs TM gak i buat kekwat -- "Agaknye ramai sangat orang dah POTONG... tue yang banyak soal" :p hahaha.. amik sejibik! Dulu time pi terminate kat TM Point Bangsar (yang nie teman encik kherl) and kat TM Point Kota Damansara xde pun org tue nak tnye lebih2. Itu kan hak pengguna. Ish.. huhuhu. Rasenye memang betul laa Streamyx makin x laku... cian. Ape lagi.. upgrade laa service tuh!

Sekian nukilan hati... huhuhu


Demolition of Pudu Jail (1895-2010)

 June 23, 2010

Some people might not know that i live in the heart of KL and passing Pudu Jail is my daily routine as i drive from home to work. I am not shocked when the government wanted to demolished Pudu Jail since i already heard the rumors few months before. Lagipun memang kerja2 nak demolish Pudu Jail nie dah started awal lagi. Construction workers dah lame bertapak kat area belakang Pudu Jail tue. So it's not a big surprise for me.

12 years looking at the empty building  for nearly every day... i exactly understand when the government decided not to turned the site as a heritage site. The traffic is heavily congested at Pudu intersection... even at odd hours! Time ade polis trafik pun x jalan.. sometimes makin teruk traffic jammed nyer. So,why wanna waste the land? It's good that they are making ways for tunnels... but to build hotel and apartment? I don't quite get the picture. Who wants to stay there? (unless you are filming paranormal activities laa kan? huhuhu). Even Berjaya Times Square is 'haunted' and you can see some of the higher floors are unoccupied... what makes you think ex-Pudu Jail land won't get the same fate? 

Anyway, i wish all the best to UDA Holdings. Hope that they are making wise decision on developing the site. (Ohh, but still.. i hope they could retain the entrance of Pudu Jail. Well, i still have my historical sense here. Looking at the people collecting the wall stones as souvenir after the demolition process took place really showed that some of us still value the place. So what's wrong with the keeping of the entrance? Eceh.. saye pun nak bersemangat juge. At least ade sentimental value laa kan.. hehehe)

First phase to demolished the front wall scheduled to start at 10 PM, Monday, 21st June.. but finally started after 20 minutes delay (this wall had once set a record for the longest mural in the world -- stretched about 384 meters long). 

I heard there was a protest on the evening. Even wakil from UN pun datang. But i was not at the scene. Tak tahulaa nape macam tak berminat je nak pegi tgk the site. Padahal dekat sangat2 ngan rumah. Jalan kaki je pun sampai. My friend siap suh pegi tgk so bleh bagi live updates. Tapi ntahlaa.. as i said earlier, cam xde minat nak tengok.

Well, i was waiting to hear the sounds from the machines at 10 PM (berminat jugaklaa nk amik tahu kan? at least menunggu bunyi jentera2 tuh.. xpon bunyi bom ke.. kotlaa diaorg nk buat letupan).. tapi tak dengar ape pun! Maybe diaorg buat keje senyap2. Bagus sungguh. So malam tue dapatlaa saye tidur dengan lena :)

people climbing the wall to get closer look and to collect the pieces for souvenirs

enthusiast onlookers gathered on the night of the demolition took place  

okay... this part already happened few months before the demolition of the wall.. they have started to demolished the prison blocks phase by phase. Lori2 memang slalu kluar masuk area belakang Pudu Jail tue

 view from Berjaya Times Square (what you can see before the demolition took place)

Update from the site: This section is remain untouched. Maybe turn wall nie after the 1st or 2nd phase completed. Who knows :-?

That's all for now. I hope the demolition process will run smoothly. May they find the best solution on how to develop the land later.

Sayonara Pudu Jail ~~~

pics credit: AP Photos



Cars Lover ♥♥♥

 June 11, 2010

I don't know why... but everytime i had conversation with my boss, one of the topics will be about CARS. Maybe it brings more enthusiasm rather than talking about educational stuffs * lame..  very lame* hahaha :p

one of my dream cars :)

The second reason might be because of the senior lecturers are changing their cars. (nampak sgtlaa diaorg nie dedicated to work sampai x sempat nk tukar kereta. dah nak retire barulaa fikir nk tukar kereta. lecturer2 baru nie awal2 lagi dh balun Civic, Vios and what not laa kan). Dr.A changes to - errr, can't remember, i think it's Civic, Ex-HOD bought Rondo despite of having another big car, Dr.T changed to City.. and few more will be coming soon. I think Mr.N and Dr.Z will change their cars too. That's why the conversation keeps coming. So, as someone who love to follow cars update (should blame sumone sbb suke sgt soh saye tolong surveykan kereta) I am more than happy to join the discussion (well, working with guys is like that kot. better than bergossip. at least i am not mentally retarded to talk bad about others - somewhere, somehow :p). 

fell in love with this hatchback... sooooo cute 

Comparing Forte, Mazda 2, Vios, City and Lancer (soon to be launched - Proton's version. can't remember the name) seems very interesting when you are chatting with guys (stimulates your brain more, i guess). There are some parts that girls won't put much attention when looking at cars but guys do (i.e the sport rims -- as for me, nmpk sume same je esp bile tayar tue spinning kan? kat tayar je pon.. tapi kalau shopping reti pulak nak kasut lawa, padahal letak kat kaki je pun kan? hahaha). Tapi bagus jugak.. sbb diaorg nie xler gila bola.. so daripada ckp pasal World Cup baik ckp pasal kereta. Menarik sket :)

But still, at some point i am very happy with 'where I am now'. Working with guys are much more easier (don't know why, maybe sbb diaorg nie less fussy and direct to the point. so xyah susah2 nak amik hati or nak kipas2). I have a very understanding and sporting boss and I even have flexible working hours.What else to ask?... Alhamdulillah --- mcm xde kena mengena ngn kete.. tapi xperlaa.. nak gak tulis :D

Psstt... gotta go. I am on half day leave today. I thought i'm gonna leave for JB after lunch.. tapi postponed lak.. So blehlaa splurging somewhere. Buat shopping spree plak kan. hik.. hik :)

pulang ke JB menjadi bridesmaid...uwahh... kutip aura byk2 :p

Have a great weekend to all! Don't forget to browse my BLOGSHOP (please spread the words.. thank you. Happy Shopping!)


Update on Singapore Trip

 June 9, 2010

Hye there,

As i mentioned earlier, i will be going to Singapore next month for a short shopping trip. Pegi balik hari okeh.. giler punye ad-hoc plan (okay.. i'm using the same verse again. but who cares? :p). hehehe. So far, there are 7 of us... opss.. the number keeps increasing, we are now 11! waiting for another 2 confirmations (dh jadi rombongan cik kiah dh neyh.. ketua rombongannye of course laa my Along yang gian nk memborong. sebut je nk gi Singapore, dier yg paling laju nk beli tiket :p).

Well, saye nak beli perfume and baju2 jer. If ade mase nk gak sight seeing sket (kalau sempatlaa kan.. you know laa cmner kead nyer bile shopaholics jumpe sales ;p) Anyway, i was thinking to collect orders for perfumes as the price in Singapore is way cheaper from Malaysia. Plus, i intend to buy tester edition.. so there will be a whole lot SAVINGS!) So kalau ade sape2 berminat, blehlaa drop ur inquiries here or just text me (my number x penah berubah since i first used hp.. giler pnye loyal customer of Maxis kan?.. huhu). Or to make it easier, do drop by HERE (it's my shopblog... baru je launch... silelaa browse brg2 yg ade.. tp x byk brg pun lg.. tgh kumpul bahan. tungguuu ye. hehehe)

used to wear no.1 and no.4.. but dh hbs... now kena beli yg baru ler nampaknye :)

well, that's all for now.. will update more about the trip. till then. take care (^_^)

p/s: sorry to my dear friend since i cannot make it to her engagement (nnti upload pics byk2 ek. bleh ler cuci mate puas2.. hehe)... owh.. hari nk fly to Singapore tue pun falls on another event (akad nikah my friend... which sememangnye saye x dpt attend.. but don't worry, definitely will make it to the reception at his side. wajib! hehehe). saye bukan lari membawa diri ye.. huhu. ape pun, congrats in advanced to both of you :)


Yehuuu :)

 June 5, 2010

Kepenatan yang amat.. just got back from JJ.. teman my sis shopping... skali diri sendiri pun terjebak same. Berjayelaa jugak grab 2 Tees and 1 pants. (kopak lagi!! huhuhu)

Before that singgah MPH... saje belek2 books and magazines... last2 beli notebook and buku masak. lps nie blehlaa masak pasta puas2.. and notebook tue plak saje beli tuk isi segale journal about my upcoming trips and preparations... hihihi :)

Itu jelaa pon.. xde citer best sgt.. except --- i managed to get my flight tix to Singapore! yeay... (giler punye ad-hoc plan. hahaha... nnti i'll story mory about the itinerary ye)

Till then... daa (^_^)

p/s: tak sabar nak tengok Lagenda Budak Setan


Brainstorming sorang2 =}

 June 2, 2010

hehehe... tgh boring sebenarnye... just mengumpul idea... kalu buat business pun bagus gak nih... hahaha... nway, hantaran kalau gubah ngn fresh flowers nmpk cantik kan.. xyah susah2 nk hias sgt. letak bunge je pun dh nmpk lawa

peach roses... hurm... nice jugak... esp kalau tema majlis nyer peach... huhu

roses and pansies... simple and sweet

terliur tgk buah2 neyh... nyum2 (tibe2 rase lapar lak.. haha... dasat sggh :p)

ehhh... white + purple.... gojes!!! always gonna be my fav... hehe.... sweet jer nmpk

tak lengkap kalau xde kek kan? hehe... this one nmpk just nice... tapi kalau letak atas dulang, besau sgt ke? :p

and of coz kalau bercakap pasal hantaran.. x lengkap juge kalau x sentuh bab cincin :D
go thru few designer's website... then jmpe satu cincin nie... comey je... simple :)

got one piece similar to this design.. cume xde batu kecik2 tue je... tapi yg saye pakai nie silver.. bukan white gold. ntah bile nak upgrade. huhuhu. well... walaupun saye suke yg simple2... tetapi hati ini masih lagi mengimpikan princess cut ring. mane mau cari? =}

okaylaa.. nk usha mnde2 lain lak... gtg... c u later

notes: photos taken from Zaifie Zainal's, Sher Design's and Mark Schneider's website


To Do List :)

Hurm.. nothing much to jot down here.. just few things to do within this month.. (let's see how things will go... bleh settle sume ke tak? hehehe)

  1. get back to my gym routine. dh sebulan tinggal rasenye.. huhu... need to get back on shape. blood pressure makin turun... nmpk sgt x fit. huhu. chaiyok2! i have 8 more kg to loose (initial aim was left to 6 kg sbb b4 nie dh turun sket. tapi terpakse naikkn target lg 2kg. kasi lg slim and fit. hehehe)
  2. get my ESP done. lame giler postponed. 
  3. appointment with dentist - haa.. nie pun lg satu mende yg dh lame giler postponed. mau buat scaling. lame dh x buat. 
  4. test brg2 facial yg baru beli (converting to Neutrogena). hrp2 sesuai laa... since my face tend to be 'immune' with some products after some length of usage, so i need to keep changing the product. haihh. susah juge kan
  5. pi swimming class... at least nnti kalau gi pantai2 ke pulau2 ke xler terkial2 nk berenang kan.
  6. buy waterproof casing for my camera! really need it for my next trip :)
  7. get some arrangement to be done for my trip
  8. gi kursus kahwin. hahaha... sesungguhnye saye x penah attend mane2 kursus kahwin as participant lg. b4 this slalu tlg organize je... sengal x? :p
hehehe.. tue jelaa kot. oh ye, tadi ade usha2 wristlet Coach neyh. kaler purple some more. teringin nak beli... sale plak tuh. huhu. tp mcm membazir lak.. hmm... nk beli ke tak nak ek?

cantik tak? lame dh aim nk beli wristlet... tapi asyik terbabas beli handbag or baju... hik.. hik =}

p/s: mode x sabar nk gi bercuti

kaylaa... till then



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