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Birthday Treats + Dinner @ Fullhouse

 May 20, 2010

I might say that this year is one of the great year i had.. eventhough it's merely half way of 2010, i can tell that this year will give me more wisdom and sweet moments that i've waited for. I've learnt a lot and compromise a lot too. It's like a year full of sweet and sour.. but at the end of the day, it's still yummylicious! (eceh.. macam ckp pasal ikan sweet sour lak) :p

Anyway, i would like to dedicate this post to extend my gratitude to those whom lightened up my day with their wonderful birthday wishes! Yerp, i turned 25 on 18th May! (never thought that time will move so fast, i can barely remember how i celebrated my 15th birthday.. and now i'm turning 25? huh. it's like it happened in a blink.. x caye saye dh tua... suku abad? huhuhu)

(cupcakes ordered from MummyBunny. design requested by me and my sis... sweet sgt smpi rase syg nak makan.. hehehehe. nie Angah yg blanje.. thank you so much!!)

So, how did i spent my day? Had makan2 time with my family during weekend (dapatlaa excuse utk makan byk2 and skipped my diet program.. hehehe). Got few makan2 session sampai rase perut nie dh bloated to the max. huhuhu..

dinner at Nando's with my mum and sis (selepas sesi shopping x hengat dunia.. smpi kedai nk tutup okeh.. huhuhu) Anway, thanks for the treat angah :)
dinner at Chicken Rice Shop BTS (first time order BBQ Chicken mee... not bad laa... set nasi yg baru tue pun best - chicken rice with ayam rendang)
Express dinner at home (suppose dining kat restaurant best2.. but disebabkan me and my along tgh sibuk ngadap research paper that day.. so, terpakselaa tukar plan and mintak pizza delivery ajelaa sbb mls nk masak :p)

Then on my birthday i headed to Fullhouse Cafe at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for birthday dinner. Jarang nk merase treat makan2 special nih. Thank you sooo much!! Huhuhu. Penat i googled  restaurant yg best2. I have few on my list tapi disebabkan yg nie nearest to my house so proceed ke sini dulu laa. 

The ambiance is nice. Lurve it! (This cafe is just beside the main road, so you won't miss it. It's a bungalow house)

upon arrival.. you'll see this stairs once u open the front door, u can opt to dine either upstairs or downstairs-inside or outside

near kitchen area. hurm... kalau buat concept rumah camnie best gak kan? tapi rasenye saye xler rajin sgt nk mencuci hari2. kalau furniture sume kaler putih.. jenuhlaa i nak jage.. huhu

Mini Cooper! this is their trademark :)

White pigeons... sooo cute!

And lastly.. here's my maincourse

Chicken Tenderloin : taste - 4/5, texture - 2/5 (liat sket.. jenuh nk kunyah)
Mashed Potato (underneath the veggie) : 4/5.. yummy :)

Oh.. and i even got free potato wedges! (just because they forgot to serve it earlier, so they gave it as complimentary. yuhuuu)

So.. there goes my day.....

Million thanks to everyone that have reached out to me and have truly made my day! May Allah bless u and give u good returns. XOXO :)


My Pinky Wishlist

 May 14, 2010

Currently i am looking for these........

1) New Perfume (yerp... eventho i already bought new perfume last 2 months.. i'm not satisfied with the purchase since i'm actually into these two scents. heart it so much! tapi apekan daya, di saat perfume Ralph Lauren ku abis.. time tue gaklaa kekeringan fulus.. so mampu ganti ngn Body Shop je.. huhuhu)

Paris Hilton's and this one... Fresh Blossom DKNY Be Delicious

2) Hot pink wedges (okay... heels pun will do.. asalkan design menarik). Why pink? hehehe... saje berubah angin

this one is nice right? i love the tones... just perfect! fell in love since i first saw the pic... but heels like below are seductive too.. correct? huhuhu

3) DiCaPac! (okay, this is not pinky stuff.. but i really want this :p)

gimme one please!! i want to take underwater pix during my upcoming trip :)

So.. ade x sape2 nak granted my wishes neyh? huhuhu

ehemmm.. ehemmm.. hint nih.. (bday saye dh dekat :p)

p/s: tgh dlm mode mengumpul duit =}


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