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My Pinky Wishlist

 May 14, 2010

Currently i am looking for these........

1) New Perfume (yerp... eventho i already bought new perfume last 2 months.. i'm not satisfied with the purchase since i'm actually into these two scents. heart it so much! tapi apekan daya, di saat perfume Ralph Lauren ku abis.. time tue gaklaa kekeringan fulus.. so mampu ganti ngn Body Shop je.. huhuhu)

Paris Hilton's and this one... Fresh Blossom DKNY Be Delicious

2) Hot pink wedges (okay... heels pun will do.. asalkan design menarik). Why pink? hehehe... saje berubah angin

this one is nice right? i love the tones... just perfect! fell in love since i first saw the pic... but heels like below are seductive too.. correct? huhuhu

3) DiCaPac! (okay, this is not pinky stuff.. but i really want this :p)

gimme one please!! i want to take underwater pix during my upcoming trip :)

So.. ade x sape2 nak granted my wishes neyh? huhuhu

ehemmm.. ehemmm.. hint nih.. (bday saye dh dekat :p)

p/s: tgh dlm mode mengumpul duit =}

2 love notes:

along 2/6/10 9:53 AM  

cuke kasut yg 1st tuh...cantik...mcm nak carik satu utk diri sendiri..
p/s: beli mana?

Pansy Princess 3/6/10 1:56 AM  

hehe... x beli pun.. usha2 jer baru. x tahu nk cari kat mane

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