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Perth-fect Holiday! Part 2: Fremantle @ Freo

 May 9, 2011

Hi lovelies,

I am very sorry for not updating this blog as often as I used to. Since I have some free time today, let’s continue with my Perth Trip report (padahal amik cuti sebab exam, hbs exam trs ngadap blog! hehe.. rindu giler!). Today's post is going to be about Fremantle’s attractions. Well, it doesn’t take me long before I decided to stay at Fremantle (also best known as Freo by the locals). Why is that so? It is easy to commute between Freo to Perth City & Rottnest Island using public transport (no need to hire a car!). Since I don’t have much time to explore further to Northern/Southern Perth, I focused more on exploring Freo.

Anyway, I think by highlighting few attractions would be enough. I'm going to be very straightforward ya. Takde ayat bunge2 nk dikarang.. huhu 

This is where I splurge on the souvenirs! Lots of stuffs to bring back for the loved ones. You can find t-shirts, caps, fridge magnets, pens, mugs, key chains, bags & lots of other stuff there including local crafts. The price is reasonable enough (I have to keep in mind not to convert the currency to MYR while shopping, or else I might end up going back empty handed! Huhu)

Cappuccino Strip
The only place to enjoy breakfast and night life! Offer varieties of delicacy to try on including local’s famous San Churros. This is the only place where you can see how local people spend their night life (besides staying at home -- what do you expect to do at night when most of the shops close before 6 PM?)

Fish & Chips
Best place for fish & chips! The fishes are very fresh. Not to forget to mention about the big portion! (need 2 ppl to finish up 1 meal). The price is affordable too. Plus point? Nice view facing the sea. Must try fish and chips at Cicerello’s Seafood :)

The Esplanade
A nice park with lots of friendly bird. Very peaceful and relaxing! (even though it is just beside the road) Good place to spend your evening. Most locals spend time picnicking at the park.

Fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment. There are portable air-conditioner, TV, fridge, microwave, washing machine, dryer machine, bath tub, hairdryer etc.. etc (too many to be listed here). The amenities are great and well kept. The location is very centralized. Very near to shopping mall, City Hall and Fremantle Train Station. It is much better than staying at the hotel. Comfortable and hassle free! The price is very reasonable and the owner, Patricia (known as Pat) is very friendly and helpful. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay there.

Extra Tips:
  • Fremantle is known for the historical buildings. So don’t forget to walk along the roads and enjoy the scenery. There are also The Roundhouse, old Prison, War Memorial, Shipwreck Galleries, Army Museum as well as Maritime Museum that worth visiting.
  • You can get FREE bus service within Fremantle area (known as CAT Bus
  • Don’t forget to try SUPA SHAKE or BROWNIES CHILL milk! Super duper yummy! Lagi2 yg perisa Honey comb! Sedap sangat2. Rase cam nak bawak balik 10 dozen je, biar minum sampai sebu.. huhuhu :p


Last but not least, jumpe billboard on Sabah! Bangge seyh… hehehe :D

Till then.


3 love notes:

nizabeba 10/5/11 3:05 PM  

apartment yg menarik!! hehe..msk sendiri ke tu?

Aya 10/5/11 6:49 PM  

farah: mmg senorok, rasa x puas je dok sane

niza: haha.. bukan masak sendiri, tue left over fish & chips yang x mampu nk dihabiskan kat kedai. so tapau then sambung makan tuk bfast :D

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