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Sixth Sense

 July 27, 2010

Call me superstitious or whatever.. but still.. deep inside my heart i do believe that each and everyone of us have a sixth sense. Well, sometimes we do have the ability to sense people's bad attention towards us or perhaps we might sense some bad luck. May it happens to ourselves or people that we loved. Actually, it's more to our intuition.... dalam hati sure ade rase tak sedap je... rase x senang duduk gituh (rasenye ramai je yg penah experience mnde nie.. kan?)

Dunno where to start.. currently I'm observing the situation... banyak sgt mnde yang terlintas kat fikiran nie mula menunjukkan kebenarannya. It seems that i do feel the right thing (uhh... ade sixth sense jugaklaa ye saye nie? huhu). Ape mendenya yang difikirkan tue mungkin x sesuai diceritakan di sini (well.. some things are better left unsaid. am i right?). Hurm... harap2 cepatlaa masa2 genting berlalu. Praying for better and bright days ahead. Aamen :)

p/s: mode tgh giler Benci Bilang Cinta (eventho tau citer nie cedok citer Princess Hours... tp sbb saye mmg peminat tegar Princess Hours.. jadi saye layankan juge citer nie. huhuhu)... fell in love with Dimas Subekti.. so cute and romantic.. urghhh.. gerammmm (^__^)


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