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Leaving on a Jetplane...

 July 3, 2010

Today IS the Day! Yeay!!

I'll be leaving for Singapore in about 6 more hours. Already had SGD1k with me to shop and shop.. and CHOP! .. kalau x cukup gak tuk bershopping, please slap me on the face! huhuhu.. giler.. giler (urghh.. apparently this trip will chop and chop my savings for Phuket! helpppp!)

Hopefully i'll be back with lots of treasure! (treasure laa sgt kan sebab dah berjaya mengeringkan poket2 yang ade. uhh.. bukan takat kering, tapi dh koyak rabak.. hooho) Shud haunt the great ones okeh... yang penting puas hati! (oh.. and dozens of piccas :) -- yelaa.. if wanna say thousands nmpk exaggerate laa pulak kan :p)

Pape pon... semoga hari ini berjalan dengan lancar. Amin (^_^)

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