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When I See Bling... Bling

 June 29, 2010

I am in the state of disbelief! Shock? A little bit! Feeling butterflies in the stomach? It's been few days! Having trouble to sleep? Yes, prolonged for few days too! Why??? Kenapa ohh mengapa?? Biarlah Rahsia.. huhuhu =}

Anyway, last weekend sempat tengok KNIGHT & DAY (despite of few canceled movies booking since past months). Superb!!!! Two thumbs up! Fun, witty, hilarious, romantic and action packed! I just loved the combination and how the producer blends the elements together. Memang x bosan although some part tue you can predict how the story will goes. But still.. very...very entertaining! Really loves the part when Cruise and Diaz said "With me... without me.. with me.. without me" with some cute and seducing gestures (ohh.. u should watch the movie then you'll understand what i mean.. hehehe)

Tom Cruise as HOT as ever.. and Cameron Diaz... so funny and cute :)

So, my verdict? 4.5/5 Stars!! Go and watch it!!

I have another movie that i loved to watch.. but due to time constraint.. i never made it to the cinema (even though dh booking tickets.. haihhh)

KILLERS! I just can't wait to watch this movie! Dunno why... maybe because i like Katherine Heigl ever since the Grey's Anatomy.. huhu. (please... jgnlaa kempunan sampai DVD release... kesian makkk... huhu)

ohh.. and of course.. i have finally watched the most anticipated movie of the year ------> LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN! Been looking for the novel since ade seseorang tue minat giler novel nie sejak primary school lagi tapi novelnye dah hilang. So ingatkan naklaa bagi hadiah before gi tengok movie nie. Tup2 sold out pulak. X tahulaa mane nak cari.. any ideas?

Anyway, even though ade loops here and here (maybe sbb jalan citer dier a little bit loose) but still, i gave it 4 out of 5! The performance of the casts is definitely mesmerizing especially from Que Haidar and Lisa Surihani (byk sgt improvement dari segi facial expression). Cerite nie berjaye jugaklaa membuat air mata nie menitis. huhuhu.. bukannye ape, maybe sebab ade history disebalik LBS dan nama AYU nie in my life (not gonna spill it all out here... nntilaa... bile2... ade mase leh cerite lagi :p). Definitely can't wait for the second part --- KATERINA (hope diaorg buatlaa second part + Farid Kamil and Fazura will remain as the lead casts)

Novel OMBAK RINDU pun skrg dh dibuat movie. Sangat x sbr nk tggu filem nie since i heard by buah hati terchenta Aaron Aziz (ok,  i noe it's perasan mode! :p)  is in the production. I'm sure he'll be Hariz! OMG! OMG!... and Maya Karin as Izzah... Lisa Surihani as Mila. Ohh dear.... sumpah i'll be among the first who watch this movie! Dulu memang giler sgt ngn novel nie. Bayangkan all out berusaha seharian habiskan satu novel (well, dulu memang giler layan novel. buleh habiskan setiap satu novel tue dalam mase sehari je. memang bace bersungguh2 -- errr, kalaulaa ngadap buku akademik mcm tue kan bagus? sure tiap2 Sem dapat Dean List. hahahaha :p)

So.. back to the story.... where's the bling bling? opsss.... not yet... next post okay :)

Till then. Take care


4 love notes:

Mummy Bunny's 29/6/10 2:54 PM  

wah best nye tgk wayang .. great .. great .. at least u help me updating latest movies in town hahaha .. i am sooooo ketinggalan kereta api ;p

iEjA 29/6/10 4:54 PM  

aku every friday tgk wyg midnite..haha.tu jela kegiatan merendek aku.tp diz wik tpkse off la skjp.kui3

knight n day - aku pon suke! with me..without me..with me..without me.n also aku tetibe minat tom cruise.wakaka.dan tibe2 jugak ade org itu prasan die tom cruise.haha

killers - nk tgk aritu.tp tpkse dlukan knight n day

lagenda dak setan - 1st day release da tgk.pny smgt kan.tp aku xsuke pmpn yg lps bedah tu.tp ok la sbb aku peminat tegar novel2 ni (bukan urtv samad)

prince of persia n karate kid pon best gak ;)

Pansy Princess 29/6/10 5:38 PM  

mummy : sekali sekala.. nie pon dh slalu tertinggal tren. lps nie u buatlaa marathon :)

Pansy Princess 29/6/10 5:39 PM  

ieja : hahaha.. gilerlaa ko abis sume movie ko update ek.. xper2.. nnti aku nk celen list ko. tunggu laa =}

owh.. aku ngn si dia mmg peminat setia tom cruise.. slmt dier x pasan dier tom cruise, tp dier prsn dier akashah... (geli geleman jap.. hahah :p)

note: sehingga kini aku blum dpt menjejaki urtv samad tuh :p

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