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Perth-fect Holiday! Part 1

 April 29, 2011

Hi lovelies,

It has been ages since I last wrote here. Seems like my life turn to be a little bit hectic nowadays. Siang busy kat office, malam attend classes pulak. Memang dah takde masa sangat nak online. I’m so sorry for that. Anyway, let’s proceed with my Perth trip report! (hehehe.. eventho citer agak basi, tapi layankan ajelaa ye). It’s going to be very short and brief (fingers crossed! hehehe). But fret not; it will be loaded with pictures! In order to make this entry a very simple one, I will point out few attractions that I think worth visiting while in Perth. I will write about Fremantle (where I stayed) and Rottnest Island later okay. Kalau entry nie panjang jugak, harap maaf laa ye.. penat dh simplified sedaya yang mungkin.

Kings Park

Actually I don’t have much time to roam around this Park since I went there on my last day.

There are 3 things I love most about this park:
  • ü  The beautiful scenery
  • ü  The fresh air
  • ü  The soft grass! Enjoyed walking on it :)

Some facts to share:
  • ü  It’s a beautiful botanical garden and serves as war memorials too.
  • ü  Very huge park, need A LOT of walking
  • ü  Nice view overlooking Swan River

For more info, click here.

 view of Perth City from Kings Park
nice carpet grass

Harbour Town

It’s a shopping outlet. Some brands are well-known here and some are not. But who really cares especially when you can get a nice dress at price as low as AUD7! Giler rambang mata okeh. But again, I don’t have much time for shopping. Bear in mind, most shops there open at 8.30 AM and close at 5.30 PM! As for Harbour Town, it open at 9 AM and close at 5 PM. Macam office hour pulak kan? No kidding! It’s a disadvantage for those who used to shop till late hours like me (most shops in KL open till 10.30 PM kot.. kejutan budaya gi sane). Kelam kabut giler bershopping. 5 PM sharp kedai tutup. Tension betul! (tapi jimat duit gak.. sebab xleh nk splurge sane sini :p). Disebabkan kalut shopping, amik gambar pun tak sempat.

surrounding @ 6 PM -- empty!

Caversham Wildlife Park

just like a baby.....

It was quite challenging to get there. When I asked the way to go to Caversham, most people advised me not to go there since it’s quite far and hardly reachable by public transport. But then, I insisted to give a try. Luckily I manage to get there as I planned. I took Family rider ticket @ AUD8 per day (for my husband and I – unlimited ride: Perth's train and bus service). It’s not as difficult as people said. The ride was easy but it took some times to get there.

Tips using public transport:
  • ü  Take train from Perth City to Bassendean (Midland Line – Platform 9)
  • ü  Take bus no. 956/955 at the Bassendean station to Ellenbrook and get off at Whiteman Park
  • ü  Take shuttle bus at the entrance of the Park to get to Caversham

Things I enjoyed most:
  • ü  Feeding the kangaroos (very friendly and kuat makan! Haha)
  • ü  Touching the koalas (super duper cute! rasa nak je cilok masuk dalam bag bawak balik sini :p)
  • ü  Watching Farm Show (very interesting - especially the sheep shearing)

Admission fee: AUD22 per adult
Operation time: 9 AM – 5.30 PM

For more info, click here (I think they already updated their website. Last time when I visited the page, there’s not much info provided)

Before i end this part...

Some glimpse of Perth City.....

 London Court

The most important TIP is.....

to collect as much information as u can before you prepare your itinerary! :)



8 love notes:

aNis LeMoN aBu 29/4/11 8:35 AM  

wow. nice info there, babe. luvin it!

p/s: xpayah cut short pun xpe. suka je baca the tips n tricks ;)

LisaLisut 29/4/11 10:06 AM  

oweeeeee best gile g australia aya!*dreaming*haha

Miss Aai 29/4/11 10:07 AM  

tetiba rasa nak jalan2 n baring2 atas rumput kat aussie!hehe

~ mizzAmy ~ 29/4/11 10:51 AM  

bestnya g aussie...

nizabeba 29/4/11 11:46 AM  

wahhh bestnye pi perth!! nk itott!! hehe..ade bwk blk kangaroo dok?

yusmEa 29/4/11 11:56 AM  

bestnye!!!! jeles!

Aya 29/4/11 10:56 PM  

anis: dh lame x blogging... rase x reti nk buat ayat dh.. huhu

lisa: no worries, adenye rezeki u gi sane nnti :)

miss aii: sgt best! rs cam therapy je :D

Aya 29/4/11 10:58 PM  

Amy: best.. tp mlm2 bosan sbb sume tmpt tutup awal :(

niza: kalau bleh bwk dh lame i cilok. tp drpd bwk kangaroo baik amik koala, comey sket. hehe

yus: aku lg jeles kt ko.. syoknyee dok kt jepun! :D

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