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Update on Singapore Trip

 June 9, 2010

Hye there,

As i mentioned earlier, i will be going to Singapore next month for a short shopping trip. Pegi balik hari okeh.. giler punye ad-hoc plan (okay.. i'm using the same verse again. but who cares? :p). hehehe. So far, there are 7 of us... opss.. the number keeps increasing, we are now 11! waiting for another 2 confirmations (dh jadi rombongan cik kiah dh neyh.. ketua rombongannye of course laa my Along yang gian nk memborong. sebut je nk gi Singapore, dier yg paling laju nk beli tiket :p).

Well, saye nak beli perfume and baju2 jer. If ade mase nk gak sight seeing sket (kalau sempatlaa kan.. you know laa cmner kead nyer bile shopaholics jumpe sales ;p) Anyway, i was thinking to collect orders for perfumes as the price in Singapore is way cheaper from Malaysia. Plus, i intend to buy tester edition.. so there will be a whole lot SAVINGS!) So kalau ade sape2 berminat, blehlaa drop ur inquiries here or just text me (my number x penah berubah since i first used hp.. giler pnye loyal customer of Maxis kan?.. huhu). Or to make it easier, do drop by HERE (it's my shopblog... baru je launch... silelaa browse brg2 yg ade.. tp x byk brg pun lg.. tgh kumpul bahan. tungguuu ye. hehehe)

used to wear no.1 and no.4.. but dh hbs... now kena beli yg baru ler nampaknye :)

well, that's all for now.. will update more about the trip. till then. take care (^_^)

p/s: sorry to my dear friend since i cannot make it to her engagement (nnti upload pics byk2 ek. bleh ler cuci mate puas2.. hehe)... owh.. hari nk fly to Singapore tue pun falls on another event (akad nikah my friend... which sememangnye saye x dpt attend.. but don't worry, definitely will make it to the reception at his side. wajib! hehehe). saye bukan lari membawa diri ye.. huhu. ape pun, congrats in advanced to both of you :)

4 love notes:

Mummy Bunny 24/6/10 11:42 AM  

slmt bershoppign dik .. jgn lupe balik malaysia tau .. x yah dok temasik tuh lame2 .. nnt i windu hehe ;p

Pansy Princess 24/6/10 1:56 PM  

eleh.. i pi sehari je.. x sempat u nk rindu. sure u bz nk gi meeting puteri umno nnti.. huhu :p

Mummy Bunny's 26/6/10 12:09 PM  

i meeting UMNO ahad lah syg .. jom aa join .. sape2 nk masuk puteri UMNO, sile contact nadh ye 013 990 9903 .. sorry dik, tumpang prumuttt * wink2 *

Pansy Princess 29/6/10 1:00 AM  

tarak hal... nk promote produk mummy bunny pon bleh.. u r more than welcomed here ;)

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