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 June 11, 2010

I don't know why... but everytime i had conversation with my boss, one of the topics will be about CARS. Maybe it brings more enthusiasm rather than talking about educational stuffs * lame..  very lame* hahaha :p

one of my dream cars :)

The second reason might be because of the senior lecturers are changing their cars. (nampak sgtlaa diaorg nie dedicated to work sampai x sempat nk tukar kereta. dah nak retire barulaa fikir nk tukar kereta. lecturer2 baru nie awal2 lagi dh balun Civic, Vios and what not laa kan). Dr.A changes to - errr, can't remember, i think it's Civic, Ex-HOD bought Rondo despite of having another big car, Dr.T changed to City.. and few more will be coming soon. I think Mr.N and Dr.Z will change their cars too. That's why the conversation keeps coming. So, as someone who love to follow cars update (should blame sumone sbb suke sgt soh saye tolong surveykan kereta) I am more than happy to join the discussion (well, working with guys is like that kot. better than bergossip. at least i am not mentally retarded to talk bad about others - somewhere, somehow :p). 

fell in love with this hatchback... sooooo cute 

Comparing Forte, Mazda 2, Vios, City and Lancer (soon to be launched - Proton's version. can't remember the name) seems very interesting when you are chatting with guys (stimulates your brain more, i guess). There are some parts that girls won't put much attention when looking at cars but guys do (i.e the sport rims -- as for me, nmpk sume same je esp bile tayar tue spinning kan? kat tayar je pon.. tapi kalau shopping reti pulak nak kasut lawa, padahal letak kat kaki je pun kan? hahaha). Tapi bagus jugak.. sbb diaorg nie xler gila bola.. so daripada ckp pasal World Cup baik ckp pasal kereta. Menarik sket :)

But still, at some point i am very happy with 'where I am now'. Working with guys are much more easier (don't know why, maybe sbb diaorg nie less fussy and direct to the point. so xyah susah2 nak amik hati or nak kipas2). I have a very understanding and sporting boss and I even have flexible working hours.What else to ask?... Alhamdulillah --- mcm xde kena mengena ngn kete.. tapi xperlaa.. nak gak tulis :D

Psstt... gotta go. I am on half day leave today. I thought i'm gonna leave for JB after lunch.. tapi postponed lak.. So blehlaa splurging somewhere. Buat shopping spree plak kan. hik.. hik :)

pulang ke JB menjadi bridesmaid...uwahh... kutip aura byk2 :p

Have a great weekend to all! Don't forget to browse my BLOGSHOP (please spread the words.. thank you. Happy Shopping!)

4 love notes:

Mummy Bunny 24/6/10 11:43 AM  

i luvv CRV too .. but CRV x luvv i .. huwaaaaaaaaa =(

Pansy Princess 24/6/10 1:55 PM  

hahaha... kena soh duit lurve kite dulu... then baru leh dpt CRV sejibik

hajar hazam 26/2/11 10:40 AM  

huhu...saya pun suka gak dengan CRV

Aya 26/2/11 11:25 AM  

hehehe... sgt style kan :D

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