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Jakarta & Bandung Trip - Part 1

 October 15, 2010

Hi there, as i promised.. here's the update of my Indonesia Trip (eceh, macamlaa ade org request xpun nak bace kan.. hihihi). I bought AA's Zero Fares tix last year. Total price of my return tix = MYR75 including 30kg luggage on the way back! Super duper cheap right? hehehe (okay, nmpk sgt saye tamak sampai beli maximum luggage kan.. haha :p) According to the initial plan, there were suppose to be 8 of us in this trip. But 3 of my BFF had last min changes in their plan. So, there were 5 pax left. 

Day 1:

3 of us had morning flight while the other 2 had evening flight. Me, neesa and fiza took Skybus from KL Sentral to LCCT @ 7.30AM. Since we already did self-check in through AA's website,  we don't bother much about the time. Our flight was a little bit late since the air traffic was busy that morning. We arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport before noon and waited at the airport till my sis and nida arrived (actually we can meet up at the mall or hotel later but we were not keen to left them at the airport and go shopping while waiting for them.  prior to that we planned to shop first at Tanah Abang then go back to the airport but that can be tedious since we heard the traffic at central Jakarta always congested. we do not dare to predict the traffic flows so we decided to wait) 

Overall, we enjoyed our 5 days trip to the max! It was my first  all-girls oversea trip -- definitely gonna be the sweetest memory for me (sampaikan rasa nak je extend sampai next week nyer.. x puas shopping.. haha) 

evening at Jakarta -- MONAS (Monumen Nasional)

Our lunch @ the airport -- Koufu Food Court

Upon arrival, we took chartered MPV at the airport and went to Gambir train station to buy our tickets to Bandung next morning. The driver was very kind and he even followed us wherever we go since he afraid that we might get lost. Thank you so much Pak Bambang! We'll definitely hire you again if we ever been in Jakarta. We checked in at Mangga 2 area but unfortunately Mangga 2 closed before 7PM. How i wish Mangga 2 and Tanah Abang open till midnight! We spent our first day strolling at Mangga 2 Square. Did some shopping (where i bought tonnes of DVD.. hehe) and get enough rest to continue our journey the next day.

Day 2:

Had our breakfast and then headed to Gambir (we took cabs.. but later found out that using chartered van aka Cipaganti is much cheaper). The executive coach was comfortable enough and the view along the way was breathtaking. The train passed through few villages and moved between hills.

nice scenery. one of the villages

 can u tell the height of the railways? (gayat wesss)

the view -- before you reach Bandung. rasa macam tgh main farmville je :p

3 hours journey by train was really worth it! Alhamdulillah, the weather was great throughout our trip (till our last day). Anyway, we were greeted by Zafira Car driver at the Bandung station (i booked their MPV for 3 days. Did the booking a day prior to the trip without any deposit! Million thanks to Pak Tarmidzi -- Zafira's owner -- for his attentiveness and hospitality)

Our first destination was Pasar Baru (i'm not sure how many million rupiah we spent there.. definitely rambang mata!) I bought materials for my wedding dress there (for solemnization to be exact - since i'm done with reception attires). I even bought the materials for my family members and my girls! Bought few kebaya and kurung for my business too. Sangat2 puas hati! (kalau shopping kat KL brape ribu laa gamaknye habis kan.. huhu)

Definitely a shopping heaven -- esp for textile! Lace, chiffon, jacquard, silk, cotton.. u name it.. everything is under one roof

 Nice combination :)

you can find pre-made dress too. just bargain as much as you can 

We had our late lunch at Pasar Baru food court. Enjoyed jus alpukat (must try!) and nasi timbel so much (around 5PM baru cari foods kot.. punyelaa semangat berkobar2 tuk shopping, sampai lupe nak makan. bile dah ketaq lutut baru terkial2 cari tempat makan. hahaha)

We continued our shopping spree at Pasar Baru till the end of its operation hours (haha.. how bad is that?) Then we headed to Toko Tiga (shopped for some Tees and for the guys) & Secret factory outlet at Riau.

That's me contemplating whether i should buy that black dress or not. I've picked black Zara dress before i reached that section. At the end, i bought 2 black dresses and black pants (mmg lady in black sungguh :p)

Again, at Secret we shopped till late hours. We only stopped when we felt hungry. hehehe. Then we headed to Riung Sari Restaurant for dinner. I ordered chicken satay.. just to taste the difference between Malaysian satay.. definitely was too tired to digest some rice.. that's why i ordered simple meal :p

 Indonesian satay (to be precise -- Bandung satay)

So, there goes our first day of shopping spree. I think i spent 2/3 of my money on the first day. Continued with CC on the following days (yes! most of us tend to overspent here. so jage2laa ye.. hehe.. tobat... tobat)

Checked in at the hotel with tonnes of luggage!

First day at Bandung turned out to be really tiring but awesome! We shopped till we dropped. Memang kering segala fulus yang ada. hihihi. Will continue with Day 3-5 reviews on the next post okay!

Till then.

5 love notes:

cik syahira 16/10/10 12:57 PM  

assalamualaikum tuan rumah,

terima kasih follow saya. bestnya dapat pergi time low fares. saya pergi next year, ticket dah up jadi RM250/- >_<"

Aya@Pansy Princess 16/10/10 2:15 PM  


u r most welcome. well, RM250 for return trip can be considered as cheap sbb skrg sume org berpusu2 gi jakarta and bandung. harga tiket mmg naik kaw2.. huhuhu

NH 24/10/10 7:42 PM  

definately one of the best memories dat I have this year, sis. Thanx for making all d arrangement. I got a confession to make - I haven't calculated the ectual damage dat I spent in Bandung ha ha ha

Aya@Pansy Princess 24/10/10 11:18 PM  

no prob.. lepas nie leh bukak travel agency kot :p

haha.. jgn kira lg.. wait till u r back from ur Euro Trip :)

Ayunk bandoeng 8/2/15 4:57 PM  

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FB: ayunk hayukka (untuk lebih detail nya) Dijamin kami bagi harga yg sangat berbaloi & service yg terbaek/layanan 5bintang ***** (insha allah) mohon maap tuan/puan apabila ada ayat yg kurang berkenan dalam promotion yg kami tawarkan ..

Nb:yang lebih mahal banyak yang lebih murah pon ada,tapi kami jamin yg terbaek tetap HAYUKKA BANDOENG (insha allah) jom jom bercuti di bandung murah jer TERIMAKASIH :)

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