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Personal Taste

 October 22, 2010

Hi there,

Finally i'm done with the first KDrama DVD that i bought on my previous trip. Yehuu! (after a looong break with KDrama finally i managed to watch another one. Can u imagine, the last one i followed was Coffee Prince! It was like ages ago.. right?). I took 3 days to finish this drama. Kalau tak mau wat marathon 1 hari.. tp sbb skrg nie dh keje, terpakselaa tahan diri from bersengkang mata :p

Pade sape2 yang die-hard fan of Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flower) wajiblaa tengok citer nie. His smile will makes u melt every second u see it (sbbnye dlm citer nie watak dier sorg yag serious, so memang ssh nak tgk dier senyum) :p And as for Son Ye Jin, before this dier memang glamer ngan watak sedih tak pun menggoda.. tp kali nie dier bawak watak gila2, clumsy and very mischievous. Sometimes her expression reminds me of Jang Nara :) 

This drama was aired at Korea on 31st March till 2oth May 2010. Kat Malaysia nie x tahulaa bila nak tayang. Rasanya kat Indonesia pun dh start tayang citer ni. Kenapelaa stesen TV kat sini slow.. asyik2 ulang citer same je.. huhu :(

Kae In preferred gay housemate since her best friend stabbed on her back (which breaks her heart and caused her to loose her self esteem). Thanks to Jin Ho who brought her back into reality

Kae In yang sgt playful -- last2 Jin Ho pun ikut same :p

both of them are so cute.. u can't stop smiling when u look them together :)

The synopsis

Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become Park Kae In's (Son Ye Jin) roommate (ade sbb nape dier nk jadi roommate Kae In.. padahal their 1st encounter mmg sgt2 teruk and leave bad impression to each other. i think the term housemate is better to portray the situation, not roommate). His hobbies include organization and ironing (definitely opposite with Kae In yang live life as she likes it and x penah mengemas rumah), and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out a women’s feelings. Kae In is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed (senang citer dier nie jenis yang lurus dan jujur -- sampaikan her best friend yg jadi housemate dier for 10 years pun tikam dier dr blkg). However that doesn't stop her from giving people the benefit of doubt and Jin Ho is no different. How will Kae In react when she finds out that her gay roommate is not actually gay at all and that he has fallen for her? (and of course she fell for him too, tp ssh giler dier nak terima kenyataan sbb dier percaya bulat2 yg Jin Ho tue gay -- this was due to several incidents actually -- yg mmg buat org ingat dia gay. Jadinye mcm2 yang Kae In buat tuk divert perasaan dia). And of course byk lagi selok belok and liku yang harus ditempuhi oleh main characters nie. Tapi xkn nk citer sume kat sini kan.. hehe

Synopsis taken from DramaWiki and mane2 in bracket tue tambahan saye sendiri ye :)

 how i wish i can have such a good-looking and caring housemate too! hahaha

kalau dpt housemate cmnie sumpah hari2 pon malas nk gi keje :p

The other two characters that u should give ur attention on are Han Chang Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) & Kim In Hee (Wang Ji Hye). Nie kirenye mcm watak antagonist laa. Tapi Han Chang Ryul tue eventho dier mcm bad a** tapi agak susah untuk benci dier sbnrnye. His character developed and he's improve to become a loyal lover (pada asalnye dier sorang playboy and sesuka hati mainkan perasaan Kae In). Eventho Chang Ryul and In Hee nie dua2 jenis x reti nak accept kesilapan sendiri but i think Chang Ryul character is much better. In Hee nie mmg spesis yang akan dibenci oleh sume penonton perempuan. Sebabnye dier nie cam full of jealousy, jenis tak faham bahasa and sgt revengeful. Benci sungguh!

Pape pun citer nie mmg sgt best. Lepas nie leh sambung khatam citer lain pulak.. hehe :)

Anyway, for full summary of Personal Taste (recap on each episode) please click HERE


p/s: picture credit -- from Google

Till then,


8 love notes:

myra 22/10/10 11:50 PM  

best2..hehe. aku pun dh khatam

Aya@Pansy Princess 23/10/10 1:20 AM  

wah... ko lagi laju rupenye... huhu... best kan? smpi skrg aku dok tersengih2 :D

iedayah 25/10/10 12:21 PM  

wa..bestnye..cite korea mmg best kn..ad unsur2 romantik+ pelakon sume comel2..hihi

Aya@Pansy Princess 26/10/10 8:44 AM  

itulaa.. romantik sgt smpi berangan nk dpt partner cmtue.. tp cam dlm mimpi ajelaa kan.. hihihi

iEjA 26/10/10 2:29 PM  

ehem2..da lame xmenjenguk d cni..
waa achik.aku pon da kembali ke korea lately ni (kite mmg seati sejiwe bab korea ni)
tp aku tgh gile tgk variety show-family outing.
agak ktggln la sbb show tu thn 2008-2009.haha

btw, mau copy cite ni bleh??nk tgk....hehe ;)

Aya@Pansy Princess 26/10/10 3:23 PM  

itulaa ko.. lame benor menyepikan diri... bz betol ye jadi wanita bekerjaya? hehe

kang bile2 free dtgler claim cite ni kat aku ye :D

iEjA 26/10/10 6:44 PM  

btul..lately ni cm bz.tp xtau la watpe.ok nnt aku claim eh.xde nk dtg ke permaisuri ni ke lepak2?linda pon aku da lame xmelepak.bz sgt

Aya@Pansy Princess 26/10/10 7:55 PM  

aku pon lately nie cam bz.. tp xtau bz watpe.. asik xde mase je nk lepak ngn budak2 nie.. huhu.. kang if aku nk pi area sane aku roger kay ;)

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