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~ 2010 Wishlist ~

 January 7, 2010

2010 definitely gonna be a year full of surprise. There's a lot to expect and lots more to achieve. Well, these are the things I look forward in 2010:

1- Complete my postgraduate course -- my target is by August. That's the earliest I assume since I have 5 countries to study plus an internet survey to run. So I wouldn't expect it will be easy. Still, I really hope that I can attend next convocation session. Weee :D But the downside of it - I'm sure I'll be missing the part of being a student like a h***. Working life (I mean REAL working life) definitely gonna be a whole new and different chapter for me.

2- Get a new job! -- Yes, I do have a job and the contract was renewed until end of this year. Oh, and the best part of it, I even got an increment. It was something that I least expected but it happened anyway. Alhamdulillah. But still, I need a new job once I've completed my master's degree. Ehem, just another future plan :)

3- Own a car -- Future plan! Remember, future plan! ;p (well, it would be essential - especially if I get a new work place which is far from mama's. Alaa.. nanti x bleh car pooling lagi ngan mama ke? x bestnye)

Well, I don't have any idea of how my 'dream car' should be but this one looks very seductive and alluring right?

Mazda 2 Sedan

I've looked at the hatchback model few weeks ago, but since it is hatchback.. lupekan jelaa (I had enough of hatchback :p). But this sedan? Very tempting! *drooling*

Rear view

Nice right? hehehe *keep on drooling* ;)

I'm a big fan of Mazda cars.. started with Mazda Astina --> Mazda Lantis --> RX8 --> Mazda 3 --> Mazda 6 (but sume pon x mampu & x dpt nk beli... huhu. same goes to Mazda 2 nie gak kot. Tapi xperlaa.. pray hard for it!!)

Oh, and yes.. i am looking at this one too :)

Kia Forte

The name might be a little bit funny.. but the car? Smart! -- Okay, I know I'm a bit crazy over cars. Nielaa susah jadi researcher, buat mnde pape pon nk search sehabis2nye, sume info pon akan digodek smpilaa rase puas hati. Well, I'm just full of curiosity, nak buat cmner kan? ;p

But as usual, tengok jelaa.. belinye belum tentu since ade commitment on my family's new car. Kang lari plak savings. Huhuhu

4 - Increase my savings -- Haa, baru je cakap pasal savings. So, ini adalah perkara wajib okeh! It's just because I'm addicted to online shopping. So I have to save more to buy more! Hehehe (I find shopping at malls are less convenient nowadays, that's why i converted to online shopping). Plus, I have 2 flight tickets that I've already booked -- which means I will be traveling again this year. Hehehe (takkan xnak pegi lak kan? kenalaa fikir segale expenses yg bakal dikeluarkan nanti). So, that's another reason for it. Baru ingat nak add one more destination in my vacation plan but lepas fikir panjang I have to cancel it. Banyak lagi duit nak digunekan tahun nie. So, berjimat cermat sikit ye :)

5- Eat less, exercise more -- In other words "Please loose your weight until you reach your ideal weight again!". Okay, i admit that I've gained a lot and expended sideways. Habis sume paksi X mengembang, paksi Y je yg maintain :p huhuhu (Please blame the hormones!! kejap happy, kejap bengong.. asyik nk makan je rase. Hahahaha - just ignore me, I'm still in denial phase :p) So, langkah pertama will be --> Jeng2.. you'll have to wait for a month. Then baru bleh story pjg lebar. Nak tgk dulu berkesan ke x. Wish me luck ye ;)

Takpe2.. kite kena positive! Chaiyok! Ganbatte Kudasai!

Okaylaa.. bagi 5 je dulu ek, yang lain2 tue I'll update later.

Have a nice day. XOXO ;)


2 love notes:

redshoes,  12/1/10 4:47 PM  

amin .. amin .. smoge impian menjadi kenyataan .. (why im too skematictic here?) huhu

Pansy Princess 13/1/10 11:52 AM  

hehehe.. thanks a lot dear. may ur dreams come true too ;)

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