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 January 14, 2010

Hi there,

Anyway, basically today just nk share story about my past time leisure. Well, if you see few ‘WEDDING’ blogroll on the right panel of my blog, please do not make quick assumption since my wedding is near to nowhere! (Which means that I don't have the exact time frame of it. Just cross our fingers hoping that someday it will eventually take place okay. hehe). Some people might already knew about my passion in wedding preparations as well as photography. I love weddings!! (to be exact -- the preparations!). I’ve made 6 hand bouquets and few hantaran before. But yeah, sume tue macam sesi warm up je since I didn’t get the material that i really interested in + x dpt nk apply pun design2 yg diminati. lagipun buat tue just nk tolong2 je.. membantu mane yg patut. hehe. Hmm,xtaulaa apsal rase passionate semacam je kalau cakap pasal wedding preparations ever since I was a small kid. Ade cite2 nk jadi wedding planner kot? Hahaha.

Red roses bouquet for my BFF on her reception

Apple green + white bouquet for solemnization ceremony

simple bouquet

As for the photography part, bab ambil gambar and edit gambar mmg kegemaran – senang kate favourite no.1 lah! Cumenye skrg nie je cam x berape ade mase nk buat editing. Lagipun editing nie demand lots of patience and time. Sekarang memang susah sket nk commit on editing. Anyway, nak pendekkan cerite, here’s some of my work (saje nk share.. hehe). Have fun ;)

off topic jap ------ hurm.. i miss someone badly. last jumpe tahun lepas. LAST YEAR?? OUCH!! that was really bad! (gilerlaa.. rase cam setahun x jmpe.. uwaaa!!!) tuelaa, org tue workaholic sgt. naseb bdn.. huhu.. xper2.. kite up lagi sebulan. kasi surprise same dier. hehehe :D

Till then


4 love notes:

redshoes,  14/1/10 4:46 PM  

great job adik !! i doakan u cpt2 bukak bridal boutique ok .. nnt sng kalau my future anak2 nak kawen, i carik u jer .. hehe =)

Pansy Princess 14/1/10 6:20 PM  

hehe.. thanks dear. well, u xnk joint venture ngn i ke? x sudi ye jd my business partner? huhuhu

redshoes,  19/1/10 10:38 AM  

alallala .. bukan x sudi maa .. i xde budget lg .. huhuhuhu .. sedey x .. tp kalau nk guna service i 4 the time being .. make up .. deco2 .. i on jer laling =)

Pansy Princess 19/1/10 3:13 PM  

kite pakat2 aar.. share + tong2 :D

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