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Borong Roti...

 January 4, 2010

Hye there,

Hurm.. xde ape yang best pun. Just got back from mini co-op gare2 perut nie lapar. Skipped lunch, so as usual boronglaa roti - bekalan tuk 2-3 hari. Misi nak diet laa katekan. But still tembam je rasenye, buat penat je x makan. Hahaha (i know i need to exercise to burn down the fat faster. Disebabkan i stopped doing exercise few months back, nie dah start balik rase sengal2 bdn + rase cepat penat and yang plg ketara sekali - berat x turun2 eventho makan sikit! Byk pulak downside nye ek? Adehh). So the key is -- EXERCISE! Maybe sbb tue time skolah dulu xde nk tembam mcm nie eventho makan+tdo je keje since i was pretty active back then - rasenyelaa :p (volleyball practice + dikir + jogging on weekends + huha huha x hengat dunia - kire agak hyper laa jugak sbb tue metabolic rate tinggi kot :p)

So, abislaa citer roti tue kan? Hehehe. Hmm, ni tgh bosan since terpakse berkurung in my room kat office (quarantine diri sendri :p) gare2 i got eyelid cysts nie. Well, it's not contagious, tapi sendiri yang rase uncomfortable. That's why i'm avoiding myself from making direct contact with my colleagues. Best solution? Doklaa dlm bilik tue snyp2.. wat keje sendiri. Hehe

Okay, gtg. Nak sambung type report.

Take care!


4 love notes:

VISION Photography | www.mytruevision.com | This is my true vision 5/1/10 11:56 PM  

may your search lead you to beautiful places.

greetings from atlanta, georgia

Pansy Princess 7/1/10 8:22 AM  

thank you
have a nice day ;)

redshoes,  12/1/10 4:45 PM  

waa .. jogging during the wkend at SSP ? i x penah buat okay .. wait .. penah lah bgn awal one sunday nih .. pakai sport shoes .. end up with early breakfast kt kantin .. wakakakah ;p

Pansy Princess 13/1/10 11:53 AM  

hahah.. same here. most of the time i will end up at the canteen for nasi lemak + teh ais! but still, why dulu x tembam cam skrg? huhu

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