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Needing You

 January 16, 2010

How do i start? Hurm, it's been a rough day for me. Well, i should say a rough week. My abah was admitted in ICU at Pantai Hospital last night whilst my angah admitted in Tropicana Medical Centre. Both were warded at the same time, so it was quite a chaos. I accompanied my angah to TMC while the rest of my family members went to Pantai.

Smlm alang and I tdo kat TMC, yang lain blk rumah sbb xleh menunggu kat ICU. Visited my abah tghr tadi.. nie nk pegi lagi skali, then wanna head to TMC lak. My abah and angah are still under doctor's supervision, so i couldn't say much about their condition. So far nmpk makin baik... harap2nye dptlaa diaorg recover dlm sehari dua nie. Amin... Amin

Satu2 mslh dtg - personal prob, masters degree, work.. haih... xpelaa.. jgn mengeluh. Ini ujian Tuhan. Maybe He has a better plan for me. Be strong!

p/s: Please pray for my abah & angah ye.. semoga diaorg cepat sembuh. Amin. To my BFFs, thanks a lot for always being there for me. Really appreciate your concern & kindness. Thanks again


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redshoes,  18/1/10 11:18 AM  

smoge ur angah n abah sehat cpt2 .. amin =)

Pansy Princess 18/1/10 7:11 PM  

thanks a lot dear. really appreciate it :)

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