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Another Encounter with Eyelid Cysts

 January 2, 2010

Hi there,

Actually, I'm suppose to finish up my Master's degree progress report.. but i find myself stuck in the middle of it.. so, here i am.. taking 30 minutes rest (by blogging? huhu. i think i have more idea to write here than on my report. You know how boring scientific papers could be right? fakta dan fakta semate2 :p)

So, does anyone of you ever heard of Eyelid Cysts? Hmm.. nie pun 1st time dengar sbnrnye. hehe

Well, my left eyelid started to swell about 2-3 weeks ago. But i don't care much since i used to have blocked ducts/glands inside my eyelid. Maybe setahun sekali eyelid tue akan bengkak.. but usually it will occur when I'm in stress condition (okay, let just say my immune system doesn't work well under stress :p) Tapi x sure kali nie stress sbb ape ye? Bukan direct stress kot.. just side effect bile badan + minda really exhausted. Maybe sbb i have to ulang alik from my house  to my along's house and to Tropicana Medical Center last month. Going here and there, back and forth.. day and night. Alhamdulillah, managed to go thru last 2 months on 2009 dgn jayenye)

Owh, back to the topic.. Well, i think I am the only one in my family that will come up with pelbagai penyakit/kemalangan.. smpi my family members will regard some of it as 'weird'. I had asthma since i was small, luckily it's getting better. I had cut on my head smpi bleeding giler2 (tangga katil double decker jatuh atas kepale.. and terkena cangkuk dia), adelaa sampai penuh darah kat satu towel mandi tue. I kept this incident from my parents until my mum found the towel under my bed. Luckily bile check kat doctor, xde darah beku. Kalau x, sure kena operate. huhuhu. Then, I had my first surgery on my foot when i was in form 1 (dlm byk2 tempat nape foot jugak yg jadi pilihan? haha :p) and of course, this eyelid problem. I used to remember that one of my doctors said that the gland that produce my tears was blocked. That was years ago.. and i didn't even know the exact condition of it. Surprisingly,baru skrg dapat tahu name penyakit tue - Eyelid Cyst @ Chalazion. Disebabkan bengkak yg mulenye ade satu, now dh jadi dua biji (it's infectious - internally, not externally).. so i will call it Eyelid Cysts ;p

cysts on my left eyelid (masa nie bengkak dh surut sikit)

Mule2 dier bengkak sikit2.. then start gatal2.. pastue berair.. and sakit tue ditarik sampai ke kepale. Well, bile urat kat mate bengkak.. mmg akan effect ke kepala. It's normal (bak kate doktor laa). Bengkak macam ketumbit (least glamor name :p).. but it's not normal ketumbit i would say. Hurm, some of the reasons why sakit nie x baik2.. 1- i forgot doktor suruh tuam mate, 2- i keep wearing eyeshadow & mascara (konon2 xnk bg nmpk ketara mata nie sakit.. but it worsen the condition rupenye). I went for second appointment with my doctor today since i need to replenish my medication and the swelling is not getting any better. The doc even sempat bergurau suruh buat surgery tuk remove the cysts. Surgery?? Big NO for me. So baik gune traditional way which is picit cysts tue smpi pecah - which i haven't done it yet sbb kead masih x mengizinkan (cysts nie mcm jerawat, it happens bile ade oil clogged the glands/ducts kat our eyelid. so bile nmpk mcm dier dh 'masak'.. picitlaa biar pecah so that fluids yg infectious tue dpt dikeluarkan. Once dh pecah, Insya-Allah eyelid tue akan back to normal). Tapi sebelum nie x penah lak smpi ke peringkat cysts tue pecah.. usually bengkak tue akan surut. So right know tgh berusaha nk bg dier surut.

Anyway, here's some info that i get from the net

A chalazion resembles a stye, but a marked difference is it usually grows away from the edge of your eyelid. It is caused by an eye duct blockage that develops in your eye lubricating glands. Initial chalazion symptoms are swelling and tenderness. Later forming a white cyst like bump or lump within your upper or lower eylid. Chalazia normally disappears on its own in a couple of months. You can speed this process along by applying a warm compress over your cloggedeyelid several times a day. Keeping your compress tolerably warm helps drain your clogged up gland more efficiently.

Visit your doc if your chalazion blurs your vision or causes your entire eyelid to swell suddenly. Surgical removal may be necessary if it grows too big, and a biopsy should be considered for those that recur in the same spot. To prevent recurrent swollen, painful, crusty, red, bumpy or lumpy eyelid infections or blockages:
  • take care with your makeup
  • keep your contact lenses clean
  • keep unclean hands away from your eyes
  • don’t share your beauty resources ~ cosmetics
Refrain from wearing makeup until your clogged ducts have drained completely. One method for avoiding future makeup causing bumps is limiting eyeliner drawing to the outer edged area. Never over your primaryeyelid duct, located on your eyelash line closest to your nose.

SOURCE: http://www.healthblurbs.com/

Pic credit: http://www.girlishh.com/

So, kepade siape2 yg ade simptom mcm nie.. silelaa jmpe doktor dengan kadar segera. Don't worry, its curable :)

Note: I will write using any language which i feel comfortable with. So there will be full of English or full of Malay or mix of both.. which ever i prefer (even Korean or Japanese pun bleh.. kotlaa kalau terer.. hahaha). Hope u don't mind. Ohh.. and I'm writing this line after 40 minutes, which means i took extra 10 minutes of break. hehe. Okay, back to work!

Take care



5 love notes:

redshoes,  4/1/10 10:49 AM  

woo .. neva knw dat eyelid cyst tuh kinda dangerous .. take care ya dik .. so sorry to hear dat uve to go through all dis .. hope u'll get better soon .. waa .. ur english is gr8 .. can teach me meh ? hehe ;p

Pansy Princess 4/1/10 10:54 AM  

xdelaa dangerous pun.. cume irritating sbb gatal.. then susah plak nk garu. huhu

mane ade terror pun.. saje practice, nk tulis thesis in english, kenalaa brush up sket english yg dh berkarat nih

Pansy Princess 4/1/10 10:55 AM  

owh.. nway.. thanks 4 ur concern. very much appreciated! ;)

redshoes,  4/1/10 1:58 PM  

u kene pakai spec itam aa .. ala2 paris hilton .. br x masuk kuman hehe ;p

Pansy Princess 4/1/10 3:12 PM  

xkn nk pki shades time indoor kot? nnti org ckp i nie bergaye x kena tmpt laks.. hehe :p

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