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 August 20, 2010

Hello lovelies,

I've been looking for cheap flight tickets for my upcoming Singapore trip when i stumbled into THIS website. Yehuu... been smiling all the way... thinking of the cash flow for this month and ahead. hihihi. (senyum ada makna tuh.. gumbira tapi risau) spending bagai nak rak.. sabar jelaa kan.. Eh, back to the story......

Jeng.. jeng.. jeng......

 I have good news for you... MATTA FAIR 2010 IS BACK!

photo copyright: MATTA website

sape2 nak cari travel package best2 or flight ticket murah2.. ape lagi.. silelaa serbu PWTC nanti ye. 

for more info, please click the title of this post or the link above ya ;)

p/s: there will be about 97 exhibitors and the exhibition spreads from HALL 1 to 3. ape lagi? sileaa dapatkan the best bargain for yourself. good luck to all... and to myself. hehehe :D



2 love notes:

Mummy Bunny`s Kitchen 26/8/10 10:23 AM  

i love Matta ..
singing "jatuh cinta lagi .. lagi lagi ku jatuh cinta .... " hehe ;p

Pansy Princess 26/8/10 11:41 AM  

haha.. itu MATTA lain yang
i noe u giler lagu tuh.. kalau karok sure u pilih lagu tue kan? (ohh.. tibe2 rindu nak karok)

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