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Movie Marathon

 November 9, 2010

Hi there,

After being away from the cinema for quite some times (due to workloads and other commitments), now i'm back with my own marathon series. hehehe. Eventho xdelaa tengok movie hari2.. tp these past few weeks saye agak rajin juge visit cinema and follow latest movie on screen. Macam sesi qada' and khatam gamaknye. Anyway, nielaa movies yang saye sempat follow dalam seminggu dua nie.. yang sebelum2 nie xyah citerlaa kot. Maybe uols lagi kaki wayang compared to me :)

The latest movie i watched in cinema. Movie nie pasal train yang terlepas di luar kawalan  (this train is unmanned, carrying hazardous chemicals and moving very fast - passing towns that are highly populated) So kalau terbabas ke berlanggar ke, impact dier macam peluru berpandu meletup. And of course, heroes dalam citer nie will do anything to stop the train. Katenye movie nie based on true event. From what i've read, it might be from the story of Crazy Eights in Ohio, happened May 2001. My verdict = 4/5! Never thought Chris Pine will look so matured in this movie (sblm nie i tot dier stock2 jambu je.. hehe). Eventho nie bukan action packed movie (pade pendapat sayelaa sebabnye train tue yg lebih in action from the actors kot).. but still, memang takkan senang duduk tengok movie ni... rase berdebar2 je. Sangat menarik and definitely worth every cents i paid for this movie! :)

At first i thought this movie is just like another 'mummy' movies. So dah terbayang2laa segala action yang ada. Tup2 nie french movie yang dialih bahasa ke english. Anyway, it's a light comedy (setting dier tahun 1912.. so gambar dier pon ala2 dahulu kala :p) It's about Adele, seorang writer yang berusaha kidnap a mummy from Egypt yang dier plan nak hidupkan semula dengan bantuan seorang prof. She thoughts mummy tue bleh tolong sembuhkan adik dia yang koma. Well, ade gaklaa sikit action. Tapi for those yang menaruh harapan tinggi like me will be a little bit disappointed kot.. but still, boleh tahanler. My verdict = 2.5/5

Two thumbs up! Here comes the other version of Oceans 11 or Oceans 12. But definitely this one with different plot and of course with different ending (which i hate most.. ehh.. bukan hate laa.. tapi susah nak trime. ish.. ish). Full of actions... and lots of eye candy too.. yummy! hehehe. It's about pencuri2 handalan yang super cool but then in dilemma bile one of their teammates yang baru lepas kuar penjara offers them a new job (in bigger scale and they have less than a week to prepare). Plus dengan polis yang sibuk tracing diaorg.. memang mencabar sungguh. My verdict = 4.5/5!

OMG! This is a must-see movie! i don't have to tell you how much i adore Bruce Willis acting... dier memang ternyata super duper superb. Bersahaja tapi mantopp! hehehe... banyak puji hero plak ek. This movie is a bout ex-CIA agents yang being hunt down by CIA sendiri sebab diaorg nk cover something (i.e nak hapuskan segala bukti or knowledge that might be possessed by ex-CIA agents tue). Basically movie nie revolves on their plan to escape and to find the truth. (macam citer Mr. & Mrs. Smith pon ade) Pape pon memang meletop, sesuai dengan tajuknye. Retired Extremely Dangerous. My verdict = 4.8/5 5/5! (cam kedekut lak if kasi rating ciput2 kan.. hehe)

Since i am a big fan of Katherine Heigl (ever since Grey's Anatomy lagi)... so definitely this movie is on my list.. and of course, who will refuse to see the charming look of Josh Duhamel? :p Last time tengok dier kat movie When In Rome. Uhh... sangat terpesona.. *drooling* Okay, back to the movie... hehe. This is about two people yang sgt opposite from each other and x penah nak get along tibe2 dapat hak penjagaan anak best friends diaorg yang died from an accident (as bcoz diaorg nie baby tue pnye godparents). Dalam process nak adapting with each other tue macam2laa jadi. So, overall... movie nie sangat entertaining. Baby tue pandai betul... tau je bile nak gelak, bile nak nangis. Rasa nak kidnap pon ade! haha. My verdict = 4/5!

So, what's next on my list?

You Again

Okay, jangan gelakkan saye. Eventho semangat nak khatam banyak2 movie, yang nie satu je blom lepas lagi.. hihihi :p

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Definitely need to refresh myself with previous installments of HP. Nak kena khatam semula HP1-6 sbb now macam ingat2 lupe je the whole plot

The Next Three Days

Rase macam dah lame tak tengok Russell Crowe berlakon action packed movie. So memang wajiblaa tengok citer nie.

The Tourist

Ohh.. yang ini memanglaa wajib kan. Lagi2 main roles dier A-list stars. Tengok trailer dier pon cambest giler je. 

So, 4 movie nie wajib tengok! By hook or by crook! hehe.. i think by looking at the list uols bleh agak kot i prefer movie camner. Dalam kamus cinema saye hanye ade romantic, comedy action and sci-fi. Jenis2 lain saye x bape suke. Uols suke cite ape? :)

Anyway, have a nice day!

Till then.


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