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Just some notes....

 November 30, 2010

Hi lovelies,

First of all, i wanna thank Cik Syahira for the Beautiful Blogger Award! This is my 2nd award... huhu.. tenkiu sgt2 ye (saye tau blog saye nie boring.. tp xper, akan diusahakan utk spice up lil bit more). Since i dh folo syarat2 penerimaan award spt yang termaktub kat my previous entry (Step 1 & 2 done);

FYI - syarat2 penerimaannye adelah.....

1) Thanks the person who give you this award
2) Link that person at your blogroll
3) Spread to 15 blogger which you think awesome

so now i have to list down another 15 blogs who deserve to receive this award too.. fuhh.. jenuh jugak nak buat list nie sebab sume pon best2... rase mcm nak bagi kat sume je.. tp cam impossible plak sbb byk gak blog listed kt sidebar nie (and diri ini takler plak ade byk followers.. kang diaorg x alert plak kan). so kali nie saye listkan jugak another 15 bloggers yg saye rase layak. If ade rezeki nnti leh bg award lagi kat org lain. hehe. Anyway, harap sape2 yg termasuk dlm list nie sudilaa terima award ni ye :D

and the award goes to:
  • MizzAmy (The Pink Dress Diary)
  • Mrs.Hana (Fairy's Garden)
  • Nizabeba (Journey of My Life)
  • Hana Yoriee (the so called BRIDE and GROOM to be)
  • Lisa (Let's Get Married)
  • Zara (My Ever After) 
  • ElyaElmo (Tentang Elmo) - we shared same layout.. tp i've edited mine ;)
  • Jazzeyra (Story teller)
  • Renee (Renee Meow's Wedding Journey)
  • Rilla (Tying the Knot) - same layout juge..  tp header u xde gmbr girl :)
  • Lala (Hanya Kisah Kita Nak Kawen)
  • Q (Another Step)
  • R-YuzSha (My Journey Begins..)
  • Rose (Dan bila kau lafazkan cinta itu untukku)
  • Eyanne (TanggalFebruaryTwentyeleven)

oh ye... ade satu lagi cerite....

Remember THIS post? Well, since i'm not used telling people about my personal life (which i think very personal, kalau takat citer pi makan2, pi travel tue xde masalah sgt kot) so i decided to edit the post and make it shorter... part2 personal tue kite kasi potong aja lah ye.. hehe. anyway thanks to those yang sudi membaca entry tue sampai habis (i know entry tue giler2 panjang.. huhu). Appreciate it so much! xoxo :)

That's all for now.

Have a nice day!


17 love notes:

Renee Meow 30/11/10 5:08 PM  

Heyya dear thanks so much for d award.. em i think ni dah yg ke 5 ke 6 kowt..hehe.. so rase nak break the rule by not re-post again on dis award.. hehe.. ;p

anyways, i think ok je ur CST post tu..x edit pon xper..sweet la story u.. ;)


LisaLisut 30/11/10 5:25 PM  

weeeee 1st time dpt award.haha..thanks babe! :)

Rilla 30/11/10 7:35 PM  

Thanks dear :D

Aya@Pansy Princess 30/11/10 8:42 PM  

renee: saje je edit.. seganlaa plak bile bace blk.. hihih

lisa & rila.. u r most welcome :)

roe233 30/11/10 11:57 PM  

hye babe,

Just would like to let you know that Ministry of Moment pun tgh buat contest. Winner gets a photography package worth RM2,000. If nak cuba, bolehlah try ya? Diorang pun baru extend deadline to this Sunday. Jemput join, details ada kat blog roe. :)

p/s: our wrting style macam sama :)

Aya@Pansy Princess 1/12/10 12:32 AM  

hi roe, thanks for the info about the new deadline.. insya-Allah akan cube join :)

same ek style kite? hehe... i loike ;)

nizabeba 1/12/10 10:12 AM  

hye dear!! thanks so much for the award..i pon rase ur story tu ok jer kalo x edit & i loike ur writing skills.. hehe =p

Aya 1/12/10 12:21 PM  

niza, bukannye ape.. edit tue sbb segan. even my BFF pun i x citer full story. hehe. nway, thanks ye :)

ElyaElmo 1/12/10 1:56 PM  

hihihih...thanks dear!! sama kann layout kiter...
i dh boring dh ngn layout ni..thinking to change it lagi..hahaa

Q 1/12/10 3:01 PM  

Thanks Aya for the award!!nnt i tempek kat blog I...hihihi

~ mizzAmy ~ 1/12/10 3:02 PM  

thanks babe. terharu...

Aya 1/12/10 3:42 PM  

elya: tuelaa.. same.. tp i x tukar layout dh kot dlm mase terdekat nie.. mls nk susun widgets blk. hehehe :D

Q & Amy: u r most welcome :)

R-YuzSha 2/12/10 4:09 AM  

thanks Aya for the lovely award..

Aya 2/12/10 5:31 AM  

my pleasure :)

jooleata 2/12/10 8:19 AM  

thanks aya.. :) my 1st award afterall.. hehe

hana yoriee 2/12/10 10:45 AM  

thanks aya dearie for this award..=))

Aya 2/12/10 12:16 PM  

jazzeyra, tukar name plak ke? huhu

hana, u r most welcome :P

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