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Facebook Zero by Digi

 December 7, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslim reading this post!

Wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year brings us more success, prosperity, wisdom and joy. Ameen :)

Anyway, have you heard of Facebook Zero? If you're an avid user of Facebook maybe you already familiar about this (esp if you're DIGI user). Well, i've heard of it before but never explore more since i am not a DIGI user.  But since i converted to DIGI and saw the ads at FB.. so i look out DIGI website to find out more (this might be useful to new DIGI user)

Facebook Zero is a FREE service offered to all DIGI users (postpaid & prepaid). *sounds tempting huh?* Well, eventhough the service only restricted to the text-only version of FB site.. i think its still enough to cater the needs (yelaa, if hari2 bukak FB tuk update status xpun check update from our frenz, mau berhabis gak for data charges kan? nie orang nak bagi FREE.. xkan xmau beb? huhu). To enjoy this FREE service, make sure your APN is set to digiwap and browse text-only site. If you open photo/video/link posted on FB, data charges will be applied- no worries though, DIGI will give u prompt msg alerting you if internet charges incur *how lovely and kind of them*

To access Facebook Zero, please use these URLs on your phone browser (use only these, if you use standard URL, data charges will be applied as usual)


If you're DIGI user and yet to discover about Facebook Zero, you can click HERE for more info. 

p/s: tried it once and it seems working! yuhuuu... nie yang nak sayang DIGI lebih2 nih :p

Have a great day!

Till then.

Best regards,

2 love notes:

Mai Sakurada 14/12/10 10:07 AM  

Hai dear.. i pun digi user & pernah try using zero facebook.. memang best, kononnya free.. tapi bila sampai bill.. MasyaAllah RM300++ (biasanya bill i bulan2 dlm RM50++ jer)..

Bila i call tanya digi, dia cakap VIEW shj free okeyy.. kalau kita text ur reply text dia akan charge (macam sms la jugak).. hampeh..

yg plg i bengang my Digiwap onn sendiri even i x pakai internet.. bill mmg melampau2.. better u hati2 okeyy ur call digi dulu for detail info.. byk yg hidden laa... gud luck

Aya 15/12/10 12:27 AM  

hai mai, thanks for the useful tips. rite now i gune prepaid je since ade bad experience gune postpaid. so maybe selamat sikit. nway thanks again :)

p/s: rasenye sume phone operator pun gitu. last time i kena ngn maxis. byk hidden charge :(

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