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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry

 December 9, 2010

Say hello to KIM BUM aka BUMMIE! It's an official goodbye to my Lee Dong Wook (My Girl) and Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince). Now Bummie pics had replaced theirs as my wallpaper. Huhuhu (eventho saye nampak macam seorang yg serious dan juga matured.. ade lagi part2 yang childish ye. eh, ye ke nampak matured? :p) Okay, sure uols blur nape tibe2 i meroyan nie.. Well, it's all because another Korean Drama that i watched - The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (fyi, there was another drama released earlier on 2004 using the same title).  Fuh, berjaya gak wat 3 days marathon tuk habiskan 16 episod. Kalau zaman blaja kat U dulu mau buat marathon sehari je tuk habiskan whole drama :p
the lead casts - 3 wonderful ladies

OMO.. i keep on drooling while watching this drama. Tengok Lee Min Ho pon x macam tuh okeh. Tido malam sampai ternganga je mulut terbayang2 :p takleh jadi nih... temok i pon x penah masuk mimpi. gane tuh? hahaha. Well, for those yang die-hard fan Boys Over Flowers sure dah familiar yang Bummie.. tp mase BOF i x tertarik sgt ngan dier since there where lots of pretty boy on screen. So rambang mata jap. hahaha :p Lagipun i x folo sgt BOF since citer dia same je macam Hana Yori Dango & Meteor Garden. So i dh buhsan.
cepat teka mana Bummie.. haha.. obvious sgt rasenye

Anyway, before i proceed ngan full review.. meh nak tempek sket gambar Bummie yang super duper kawaii! His dimples tue yg buat dier sgt irresistible! Aigoo... kalaulaa dapat bf camnie, muda lebih 10 taun pon i tarak kesah punya... wahahaha (dah, jangan berangan lebey.. kang ade yg pengsan plak nnti)
see the cuteness? how come i x meroyan kan? :p

Well, this drama is about 3 women in their mid 30's who went through obstacles in their life to find happiness. Lee Shin Young (played by Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Eom Ji Won) & Kim Boo Ki (Wang Bit Na) are very career oriented women. Bak kata orang sangat workaholics lah kan. Maybe sebab tue diaorg takde masa nak cari life partner or susah nak dapat yang sejiwe ngan diaorg ni. Lee Shin Young is a reporter at UBN station. Dia nie yang paling loud, gila2 and clumsy among all. Jung Da Jung plak Korean best translator. Walaupun very successful tapi dia ni still ada sikap naive and very playful. Dia nie sgt optimistic as she never give up on love. As for Boo Ki, dia macam leader of the group. She works as a consultant & restaurant manager. Dia nie yang paling cool and jadi tempat kawan2 dier mintak pendapat. Dia laa yang paling x kesah bab2 nak mencari cinta. She leads her life as she wish.
from top: Da Jung, Shin Young, Book Ki

Basically citer ni revolves around three of them and another three male characters Ha Min Jae (played by Bummie), Na Ban Seok (best friend Min Jae) & Yoon Sang Woo (ex-bf Shin Young). Watak2 lelaki nie pun ade career yang best. Min Jae is a university student (which makes his age gap with lead female = 10 years, even in real life diaorg beza lebih 10 taun). He's also a popular indie band singer. Ban Seok is a doctor while Sang Woo is a pilot. Cambest je kan tgk keje2 diaorg ni. Well, main conflict cerita ni is the age gap in a relationship (definitely yang older tue is the woman. kalau x, takler konflik kan?)
their first encounter.. Min Jae siap buat lagu lagi based on the incident. ohh.. belum2 pape lagi watak dia dh berjaya menawan hati saye :p

nie masa Shin Young ikut cadangan Min Jae supaya pretend jadi budak university sebab nak dapatkan bahan tuk her TV program

Eventhough nampak Min Jae macam player (i guess he inherited this from his father) but sebenarnya dia sendiri pun x penah betul2 fell in love. Shin Young & Min Jae memang ade chemistry since they first met. When they are together tak rasa lansung their age gap sebab diaorg nampak sangat cute and Min Jae acts lebih matang daripada umur dia. Even when both of them starts 'using' each other sebenarnye dah bleh bajet yang diaorg nie saling suka satu sama lain. Min Jae betting ngan Ban Seok tuk buat Shin Young fall for him as Ban Seok penah suka Shin Young tapi fail nak pikat dia whilst Shin Young plak nak guna Min Jae to get rid of his ex-bf, Sang Woo yang begging nak get back with her. Even cerita nie ade lil bit of twist in their relationship tapi rasa seronok giler when they can handle it well. Jadinye takdelaa part frust menonggeng berjela2.
see, they are so cute together right?

Overall, this drama is very entertaining. Sebabnye banyak scene yang sangat klaka. Then  xde villain yang memang super duper giler jahat & if ade scene sedih pun xde drag sampai 3-4 episodes. So citer nie memang sangat realistic and straight forward. Nak predict jalan citer dier pun senang. But mind u, even citer ni nampak simple.. still i'm glued to the screen sebabnya rasa x sabar2 nak tgk development each characters. As u followed the story.. you'll find yourself giving attention to other characters too, apart from Shin Young & Min Jae. Sebabnya each character ada kekuatan masing2. Antara best part yang i like most is the time Min Jae teaches Shin Young how to play guitar. Aigoo... super cool! *temok, please teach me too!* Then sgt suke gak time 3 lead ladies gather dok borak2 about their life. Looking at what they willing to do for each other is really overwhelming. You know its not easy to have true friends who will be by your side no matter what. Sangat suka tengok how they support each other.
3 best friends.. diaorg nie sgt klaka. time nie diorg pakat makan coklat yang Shin Young dapat from a guy.. kunun2 nak cari cincin dalam tue

Anyway, i'm not going to spill every detail here. If uols nak baca full review of each epsiode, you can start your reading HERE
again, tepek lagi gambar Bummie. nie masa dia perform live for this drama
Sape2 yang tak tengok lagi blehlaa tengok. Sangat recommended. I like this more than Personal Taste! :) Owh, before i ended this post.. meh nak tepek MV from this drama. If i'm not mistaken Bummie sang 2 songs for the OST.. uhh.. lagilaa buat i cair :p Lagu kat bawah nie sang by Bummie ye :)

yang bawah nie bukan by Bummie.. tapi lagu nie sedap.. and video best. sgt irresistible! sayang kalau x tepek gak. hahaha :p

So, enjoice! Have a great day!

p/s: i guess it's true.. when it comes to LOVE, nothing else matter than what u feel for each other :) 

Till then.


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iEjA 15/12/10 4:04 PM  

achik, let's meet up!
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Aya 16/12/10 12:15 AM  

hahaha.... bleh2.. chalo beteh!

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